Our Core Values at American Builders Maine

What Is Important to Us
As we progress deeper into our history of building, we realize that we could not accomplish this great task without the strong team that we have assembled. Our hard-working group has helped us to build solid relationships with our clients and a respected reputation in our community. Our progress has taught us to operate a company that is built on strong fundamentals. This allows us to bring meaningful value to our clients while working in an environment that we can all feel good about. Although there will always be challenges, it is how we deal with those obstacles that defines us. Out of this understanding, we learned that in order to be a great company we must embody our core values; not just say them and forget about them. As a starting point, we must treat each other with respect, honesty, and sincerity. We can then exude the following fundamental principles that our company embodies…

Own It
Owning it means being accountable by taking responsibility for our actions and deliverables. We take personal ownership of the results in everything that we set out to accomplish. We are also always striving to do the right thing with humility and integrity. We realize that nobody is perfect, but we take ownership over mistakes rather than trying to find blame in others. This fundamentally allows us to build character throughout the organization.

Deliver a Great Client Experience
As honest professionals we provide a positive customer experience by remaining focused on long-term success over short-term profitability. We understand that reputation outweighs profit in every instance. In our day-to-day work, we exhibit business-like conduct on worksites, in the office and around the community. As craftsmen, we take pride in delivering an exceptionally finished home that exceeds the highest of expectations. In attempting to exceed customer hopes on quality, budget and timeline, we are able to make a remarkable impression. We hold everyone in our organization to a high performance level. This allows us to consistently out-perform the competition in approach and execution.

Keep Improving
We believe in self-motivation and to be seekers of growth and improvement in our lives. We maintain that inner drive to produce exceptional results for both the company and as individuals. Whether it is enrolling in an extra class, learning a new skill, or taking a deep breath when things are not going our way, we know that our path is toward growth and new insights.

Make the Team Better
Simply remembering that we use “We over I” sums up what teamwork means to us. As in sports, team play overcomes raw talent if that talent is not playing together. Knowing this allows us to foster a caring workplace that encourages growth, loyalty and high productivity. By looking out for the greater good of the organization over self-interests, we provide an open and honest environment that is also natural for clients to be a part of. This communication allows us to be in a genuine partnership with our clients.

Today, we are looking toward the future to build upon what we have learned in order to further prosper for years to come. As we take great strides both personally and collectively, we must remember that we are trying to make an impact in our own lives, but also the lives of the customers we are serving in the community by exhibiting our core values.

Eight Reasons to Hire American Builders

American Builders has extensive building experience – over 40 Years collectively. We have built several high-end custom homes and remodeled some of the most challenging homes in the state. If your home is older than 1978 there is a 90% chance of having lead paint in it. A Lead Safe Contractor needs to be hired to extricate it in a safe manor. At American Builders we have the education and experience to handle lead paint removal properly. Building a house and or major renovation is usually a time-consuming and complicated project. We are an experienced general contractor and offer many benefits that make sure your building project is successful. Here are some advantages of hiring American Builders for your construction project.

We Can Save You Time
Bad weather may damage your construction schedule, but an experienced general contractor has the knowledge to prevent costly downtime. Your contractor is responsible for handling the timing and scheduling for subcontractors on-site to ensure the project keeps moving toward a timely completion regardless of setbacks. A general contractor will resolve any problems that may come up promptly, making sure that the construction continues to run smoothly. You can save weeks or months on your project by hiring an experienced general contractor.

We Have the Capital for Your Project
Good general contractors always have sufficient funds on hand to keep projects running. No matter how big or small, subcontractors require ongoing payment from the contractor to keep the job going. General contractors are dedicated to keeping your project on budget as well as on time.

We Can Save You Money
As your general contractor we have the experience and knowledge to do the job the right way without missing a step. You will not have to spend extra money redoing things that went wrong. A subcontractor will charge a higher rate per hour when doing the construction project under the owner of the building than when working under a general contractor. Because of this, general contractors can get the lowest bid from different subcontractors. That creates a competitive environment which can save you money. A general contractor has the option to buy materials in bulk, so you will have materials that are of highest quality for your project at a lower cost. A quality construction job, overseen by your general contractor, has the potential to increase your overall value of your property.

We have Built Many Relationships
Subcontractors and suppliers are more responsive to a general contractor because they have worked together on previous projects and hope to continue the relationship. The best subcontractors are selective about the jobs they consider. A subcontractor takes into account the chances of completing the work without interruption, level of construction knowledge of your general contractor, and payment history of your contractor.

Having the Proper Insurance
Your contractor has liability insurance and compensation for workers in case an accident happens and someone gets hurt on the job. They also encourage high safety standards on-site in order to prevent accidents.

Building Code Knowledge
Project owners usually can’t look at the work of a subcontractor and know if it will pass inspection. An experienced general contractor can. You can avoid fees for re-inspection and delays of the project. A general contractor knows the local variations and the ins and outs of local construction requirements and codes.

Getting Your project Done in a Timely Manner
We understand the importance of getting your project completed in a timely manner. When we initially meet, we discuss a timeline. We do not start a project and leave. We stay until it is completely finished. We take one job at a time and schedule others accordingly. We have the experience in putting together realistic timelines and scheduling chart that we share with you so you can see your project moving forward.

Financing Options for Your Project
We have built relationships with local banks and mortgage companies to see your project through. Click here to see a few of our financing resources.

Call American Builders Today! Lets get your project moving.