Why Build a Garage?

American Builders Maine, can build your garage and additional space needed for things and vehicles.

Even building a very basic one-car garage or closing in your carport is a process with many different steps and requirements. Our top suggestion is to plan ahead and maximize everything you can. Build your new garage once and do it right – it’s an investment. Thinking ahead about things like electricity and lighting (interior and exterior), adding a room on top or including an apartment, allowing for plumbing for a sink or bathroom, planning for windows, choosing a high quality garage door, and adding storage features or workshop space is the way to go. It’s better to include everything you need now plus a few things you think the next homeowner might want or need in your original design and engineering plan at the start.

Whether you’re planning on a garage that is modest or majestic in scale, ANY garage will increase your home’s value as compared to not having a garage. Older homes sometimes didn’t include garages because a garage may have been offered by builders as an extra “option” and not everyone needed or wanted one back then.

A roomy new garage provides shelter from inclement weather, extra storage space, increased personal safety, room for messy outdoor and landscaping tools, and adds significant convenience. Parking your car in the garage can also prevent a wide range of losses to your vehicle, including storm damage, vandalism, break-ins, hit-and-run accidents and theft.

Something additional to consider even if you don’t feel that building a garage is crucial for you right this minute is that many homebuyers won’t even look at homes that don’t have a garage. The negative impacts of skipping out on a garage might not show up until you’re ready to sell: longer times sitting on the market, sales price reductions, or potentially not getting attention from qualified buyers if there are comparable homes available which have a garage. A 2-car garage is usually expected in 4-season climate zones, and if you have the space, building a 2+ or 3-car garage is even better.
Let’s get started and let American Builders Maine build it!

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Falmouth Garage Project: Excavation was done to make room for this beautiful garage with finished living space above. Client needed more room for guest when visiting on Little Sebago.